Hi-Purity Piping

750x150_HI-PURITY PIPE.jpg

Fairchild Semiconductor

Building Highlights: CCI Mechanical provides piping systems for process heating/cooling, high purity piping for the food and semiconductor industry, and chemical piping for process and containment. In the field, CCI Mechanical provides the highest quality of stainless steel piping welds by utilizing automatic orbital welding machines. These machines insure consistent, high quality, specialized welds throughout a project. Installation of ultra clean air handling units, duct systems, and HEPA Diffuser Ceiling Systems for the control of clean room environment in Class 100,000, 10,000, 1,000, and 100. CCI offers expertise in all clean room support systems and equipment installations. CCI has and will provide sophisticated quality control protocol to insure the integrity of all systems to achieve the quality results required for the customer\'s product. Whether your project requires upgrading, modification, or the installation of process tools, we have the experience and equipment necessary for a succesful project.

Additional Info

  • Location: West Jordan, UT
  • Project Owner / Client: Fairchild Semiconductor
  • General Contractor: CCI Mechanical, Inc.
  • Architect: N/A
  • Mechanical Engineer: N/A
  • Mechanical Contractor: CCI Mechanical, Inc.
  • CCI Mechanical Role: Clean Rooms, Process Piping, and Speciality Piping