The Mayan Restaurant

Building Highlights: 40,000 ft.² Theme Restaurant, Waterfall, and Pool / Started: October 1998 - Completed: April 2000 / Mechanical Systems: Two (2) 50-Ton Constant Air Handlers, One (1) VAV Air Handlers, Fourteen (14) Exhaust Fans, Four (4) Build-up Air Handlers, One (1) PIP Flood System for Waterfall.

Additional Info

  • Location: Sandy, Utah
  • Project Owner / Client: Larry H. Miller Group
  • General Contractor: Sahara, Inc.
  • Architect: FFKR
  • Mechanical Engineer: CCI Mechanical, Inc.
  • Mechanical Contractor: CCI Mechanical, Inc.
  • CCI Mechanical Role: Engineering, Heating, Ventilation, HVAC, and Plumbing